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Your S.A.F.E

This is a unique approach to safety where our safety professionals work with YOUR organization to manage safety for YOU.  We can take on as much of the daily/weekly safety responsibilities as you want for a cost less than you can hire your own safety personnel.

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Stop & THINK

Stop & THINK is a proven safety platform that develops YOUR workforce into leaders on the floor who are as concerned about safety, quality & production as you are.

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Single Source for YOUR Safety Needs

Our team of safety professionals are able to accommodate a wide range of safety disciplines for OSHA, FMCSA (DOT), and EPA.  These include training, accident/incident investigation, auditing, and compliance.

Leadership Development

Our safety leadership development training equips leaders at all levels with creating the right balance between safety, quality, and production.  This process called a "House of Safety" trains the four fundamental elements of safety: Safety Foundation, Structural Support, Engagement, and Case Management.

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