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The quality of the service and support we provide is what makes the difference in the safety culture we help our clients develop.  We customize our service and support to YOUR organizational needs.  From one end of the scale with full management of safety to the other end with training your personnel, we guarantee our work ethic and support for your organization will exceed expectations.

OSHA Compliance


We customize our service and support of your operation to provide the level of care your organization wants and needs to ensure compliance with all OSHA regulatory requirements and your specific company policy requirements. 


To accomplish this we visit your facility locations at a frequency level necessary to meet your compliance needs.  During the facility visits, we conduct compliance and risk-based audits, as well as observational reviews to evaluate non-compliance or non-conformance concerns.  

We work with leadership to develop effective control measures to either eliminate or reduce ambient risk to as low as possible.

We meet with our clients when organizational changes are made or will be made to process chemicals, technology, equipment, and procedures to ensure a management of change process, as required by OSHA's 1910.119(I)(I), are met.

We monitor changes in OSHA regulations and policy interpretations that may impact our clients.  We provide guidance and support in ensuring compliance with all OSHA and your individual organizational requirements.

DOT Compliance


We customize our service and support of your operation to provide the level of care your organization wants and needs to ensure compliance with all FMCSA regulatory requirements and your specific company policy requirements. 

We assist your organization with ensuring and managing DOT compliance relative to Hiring, Training, and Interstate and Intrastate commerce. Our services include:

  • DOT Qualification File Management

  • Hiring Guideline Requirements

  • Road Test Certification Requirements

  • Entry-Level Training Requirements

  • Continuous Driver Education Training

  • DOT Accident Register Requirements

  • Accident Investigations

  • Tracking and Monitoring of Accidents, Violations, Citations, and Roadside Inspections.

  • CSA Monitoring & Tracking

  • At-Risk Analysis and Recommendations.

We work with leadership to develop effective control measures to either eliminate or reduce ambient risk to as low as possible.



Not only do we bring a complete training library to your organization covering OSHA and DOT compliance, but we also bring an entire suite of safety leadership and development content that our industry professional trainers use to create a progressive safety culture of ownership throughout the organization.  We also develop any specific training needs our clients may need to ensure the overall success of the organization.  Some of this content is:

  • Lock Out - Tag Out

  • Machine Guarding

  • Powered Industrial Truck

  • Dock Safety

  • Fire Prevention/Protection

  • Hot Work

  • Confined Space

  • Stairways and Ladders

  • Risk Assessment

  • Accident Investigation

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Housekeeping

  • Illness and Injury Prevention

  • Overhead, Crane, Sling, and Hoist

  • Battery Safety

  • Global Health and Safety

  • First Aid & CPR

  • Workplace Violence & Active Shooter

  • Compressed Gas

  • Rack Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Heat Stress Prevention

  • Hazard Communication & Identification

  • Electrical Safety

  • Hand Safety

  • DOT Hours of Service

  • DOT Driver Qualification & Whistle Blower Protection

  • DOT Health and Wellness

  • Much Much More!

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Auditing and Review


We customize our auditing platform to meet your organizational needs.  Based on the scope of work our team will work with your leadership personnel to complete and report out on 

  • Global Health & Safety Audit - This audit evaluates your organization against a set of OSHA Standards and internal company-based policies/procedures.  This is a yearly or bi-yearly audit process.

  • Risk Audit or Risk Mapping - This is a risk-based evaluation of specific processes, practices, manufacturing lines, etc.  

  • Facility "Walk-Through" Evaluations - These are generally used for site visits throughout the year to report out on an action item status, GHS audit follow-up reviews, status updates, and general compliance or risk concerns. 

Safety Tracking & Reporting


Information is a key component in the decision-making process and for that reason, we prioritize timely reporting to our clients.  We base our reports on the standard Microsoft Office platform so that the greatest degree of functionality is administered.  

Policy & Procedural Review or Development


One of the fundamental building blocks of fostering and managing a safe work environment is well-written policy and procedural documentation outlining safe work practices.  We partner with our clients in either assisting in creating this documentation or reviewing the documentation to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.  Some of the policy and procedural development our team of safety professionals can assist your organization with are:

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Point of operation policies, such as LOTO and Machine Guarding.

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OSHA & DOT Onsite Investigation Assistance


If OSHA or DOT Auditors visit your location we are here to help:

  • Training your personnel for the OSHA or DOT audit process.

  • Opening Conference.

  • Closing Conference.

  • Assistance in OSHA or DOT inquiry responses.

  • OSHA or DOT notifications.

  • Informal conference meetings with OSHA for penalty grievance hearings.

  •  Action item development based on finding.

Stop & THINK Safety Platform

Stop & Think is a safety foundation that changes the safety culture of an organization by changing the value of the frontline worker. 


There are three phases of Stop & THINK and concluding in level III the frontline workers of an organization have become stakeholders; wherein, they no longer just see themselves as a frontline workers, but instead, see their value to the organization as much more important. 


This drives an ownership model, wherein the frontline worker is as concerned about safety, quality, and production as leadership. 


This model has proven to dynamically change the unilateral equilibrium between safety, quality, and production so that performance KPI's that were previously unachievable are now targeted KPI's.  



 STOP – Train yourself to look for the hazard!

  STOP – Hone your understanding of the job/task and potential hazards!

      STOP – Identify potential threats or hazards!

        STOP – Never sacrifice safety for speed!

            STOP – Keep others safe from potential hazards!

The House of Safety Leadership Development Program


Our HOUSE OF SAFETY is a leadership development course that equips leaders at all levels to manage the four fundamental elements of safety:


  1. Foundation

  2. Structural Support

  3. Engagement

  4. Case Management

This course uses the concept of building a house to emphasize these four fundamental elements of safety.  This course equips leadership personnel in developing their frontline workforce with the basic understanding that as a leader we are never more effective than the workforce that supports us.

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        American Red Cross CPR Training:
We offer American Red Cross-certified training in CPR and First Aid.  We have years of experience teaching CPR & First Aid training and our instructors also have real-world experience that we draw upon to deliver realistic examples into our training content. 
        Confined Space Rescue:
That's right everyone, we now offer full confined space rescue training from certified professionals.  Go over to our Confined Space Rescue Training page to learn more. 
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