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We have listened to you our customers and have added full training in Confined Space Rescue to our services here at Your Safe Consultants!  

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Confined Space Entry

Many companies find that they have equipment or processes that require their personnel to enter confined spaces.  

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 defines confined space as any space that has limited or restricted means of entry, is not designed for continuous occupancy, and is large enough and configured so that a person can enter the space and maneuver well enough to perform tasks.  

OSHA further documents in 29 CFR 1926.21 that there is an affirmative duty on an employer to train employees who enter confined or enclosed spaces.  

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Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training

       Contract Stand-By Rescue Teams

OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.146 states that if your personnel are entering permit-required confined spaces, the employer must provide a competent rescue team to provide emergency rescue capability within a timely manner. If your facility is conducting permit entry work and you don’t have your own rescue team or you need additional personnel for your entry, Your SAFE can provide you with trained and fully equipped standby teams to perform any standby rescue capability your company may need.


This course is designed for workers at your facility who must enter permit-required confined spaces to perform some type of work. This class is designed to meet the training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146. "Permit- Required Confined Spaces". Topics of instruction include the duties of attendants, entrants, and supervisors. Additional information covered in the class is lock out/ tag out, atmospheric monitoring, and non-entry rescue.


This class is designed to meet the training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 (k) and NFPA 1670. The class can consist of 24 to 40 hours of Training. This training consists of classroom instruction, hands-on training in rigging, building multiple systems, and conducting rescue scenarios. This ensures that the facility's confined space rescue team will be proficient in the basic skills needed to perform entry rescues safely and effectively in your workplace. Topics that are covered in the program are assessing confined space hazards, atmospheric monitoring, confined space rescue equipment training, knot tying, building of anchor systems vertical and horizontal mechanical advantage systems, building of lowering systems, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, and patient packaging.



Confined Space/ Structural Rope skills must be practiced regularly to stay proficient in the skills. If the skills are not practiced on a regular basis the skills will diminish quickly. These advanced skills need to be practiced at regular intervals to maintain proficiency. Confined space rescue teams are required to have annual refresher training where they Rescue manakins or personnel from actual or simulated spaces. We offer 8-hour annual refresher trainings, but we also recommend and offer quarterly refresher training sessions (4 to 8-hour trainings) which is designed to keep your confined space/ structural rope rescue teams better prepared, and it keeps their skills sharp.

Our team here at Your Safe Consultants has certified professionals with a mobile trailer stocked with all the training apparatus necessary to train small or large groups in Confined Space Entry & Rescue requirements meeting & and exceeding all OSHA mandates.  

We know you our customers want to provide your personnel with the best training to ensure their safety when entering confined spaces, and that includes personnel who are specially trained and equipped in confined space rescue techniques.  

Your Safe Consulting HAS YOU COVERED!  Give us a call to schedule your training. 


Confined Space Resuce

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