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Fall Protection

This customizable suite of documents provides all the essential elements for any Fall Protection Program to help ensure all regulatory requirements are met and you are able to customize the content for any site or industry-specific applications necessary.  


Our Fall Protection content provides you access to our customizable fall protection program, fall protection assessment, fall protection equipment inspection, and training content with testing material.  We maintain the content with any updates based on regulatory updates, best practices, or industry changes. 

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Fall Protection Program

Customizable Microsoft Word document that includes the purpose, scope, facility/department evaluation, fall hazard controls, protective materials & hardware, selection criteria, fall protection systems, training, inspection & maintenance, most common & most dangerous fall hazards, contractor responsibilities, definitions, and resources.

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Fall Protection Assessment

Customizable Microsoft Word document that helps you document an assessment of anchor point utilization in the operation.

Fall Protection Assessment.JPG

Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

Customizable Microsoft Word document that outlines inspection criteria for the various types of fall protection equipment components.

Fall Protection Inspection.JPG

Fall Protection Training

Customizable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation that provides you with cutting-edge effective training to help with identification of fall arrest equipment through a detailed understanding of the ABC principle of anchorage, body harness, and connecting devices.  This training content not only meets all OSHA requirements but also fully prepares attendees with an in-depth understanding of all fall protection safety components to include rescue plans.

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