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Powered Industrial Truck

This customizable suite of documents provides all the essential elements for any Powered Industrial Truck Program to help ensure all regulatory requirements are met and you are able to customize the content for any site or industry-specific applications necessary. 


 Our powered industrial truck (PIT) content provides you access to our customizable PIT policy, program, training, powered industrial truck/pedestrian standards guide, PIT/PED assessment guidelines, PIT testing & evaluation guidelines, PIT certification testing, PIT re-certification evaluation, and zero contact program elements.  We also offer a wide variety or variation of powered industrial truck types of operation including training content, testing content, and checklists.  These PIT types include:

  • Pole, Fork, and other sit-down PIT operations.

  • Snorkel Lifts.

  • Aerial/Scissor Lifts.

  • Ryder Pallet Lifts.

  • Man-Ups and Stock/Cherry Pickers.

  • Golf Carts.

  • Pallet Jacks - Manual & Electric.

  • PIT Sweepers.

We maintain the content with any updates based on regulatory updates, best practices, or industry changes. 

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Powered Industrial Truck Program

Customizable Microsoft Word document that includes the purpose, scope, references, program general requirements, inspection and maintenance requirements, equipment specifications, coaching requirements, propane cylinder tank filling or changing safety recommendations, inspection and maintenance requirements, training & competency, .

PIT Program.JPG

PIT Training

Training material is in Microsoft Powerpoint and like our other content easily customizable to your specific operation.  Our training content provides you with best-in-class training content that will educate new hire employees and experienced employees in standard powered industrial truck safe operations, including powered industrial truck components, inspections, maintenance, operation, accident causation, operator responsibilities, PIT/PED assessment components, clearance considerations, center of gravity, and much much more.

PIT Training.JPG

Multiple Powered Industrial Truck Training Platforms.

We have training content for you on virtually all powered industrial equipment applications necessary for your business application.  This training includes operational controls, fall prevention, tip-over prevention, platform utilization, emergency controls, traveling, maintenance/inspections, and all other equipment operational aspects to ensure competency and safe operation.

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