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Lockout Tagout

This customizable suite of documents provides all the essential elements for any Lock-Out, Tag-Out Program to help ensure all regulatory requirements are met and you are able to customize the content for any site or industry-specific applications necessary.. 


 Our LOTO content provides you access to our customizable LOTO program, our point of operation customizable procedure, skills evaluation, LOTO quiz, removal doand training content.  We maintain the content with any updates based on regulatory updates, best practices, or industry changes. 

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Lockout Tagout Program

Customizable Microsoft Word document that includes the purpose, scope, references, program general requirements, energy control procedures, line breaking procedures, locks and energy isolating devices, group lockouts, training, and competency verification, inspections of energy control procedures, compliance, definitions, and ten steps for lockout tag out completion.

LOTO Program.JPG

Lockout Tagout Procedures

This is a Microsoft Word document formated for easy documentation of your specific LOTO point of operation procedures.  This document can be simply printed, laminated, and posted at your point of operations. 

LOTO Procedure.JPG

Lockout Tagout Training Material

Training material is in Microsoft Powerpoint and like our other content easily customizable to your specific operation.  Our training content provides you with best-in-class training content that will educate new hire employees and experienced employees in standard LOTO processes, procedures, and requirements to help ensure the safety of your personnel, and meet regulatory requirements.

LOTO Training.JPG

Lockout Tagout Removal Form

This customizable Microsoft Word document provides standard policy guidelines and tracking methods for lock removal when the originating employee who secured a lockout point with his/her lock isn't available to remove the lock after the system is ready to be re-energized.

lOTO Removal Form.JPG

Lockout Tagout Skills Evaluation

This customizable Microsoft Word document provides a methodology for evaluating and attesting to an employee's understanding of the LOTO procedures to be used, that personnel affected by the LOTO event have been appropriately notified, verification for return to service operations have been appropriately completed, all required safeguards are in place, return to service notification completions, and all personnel appropriately followed all LOTO requirements.


Lockout Tagout Quiz & Answer Sheet

This customizable Microsoft Word document provides a methodology for testing the competency level of your employees after completion of LOTO training.  This quiz and answer forum is in alignment with our training, policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements material.

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